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Odeum's History,Odeum Theatre Company logo

In the last 6 seasons, Odeum Theatre Company has produced quality theatre productions that exhibit the superb talents of some of Tulsa's finest performing artists, while also reaching out to produce new works for the community. Odeum was formed in the Spring of 2009 by Cassie Hollis, Will Carpenter, Leslie Long, Whit Hanna, Erin Scarberry, and David A. Lawrence.  

. . . Mission,

Odeum's mission is simple: To challenge, enlighten, and entertain through the art of theatre.

. . . and Philosophy 

Odeum Theatre Company believes all artists learn and grow when opening their hearts to new artistic endeavors. As theatre people, we learn and grow the most in our craft by exploring new works and reinventing the classics, all while creating a sense of community with our fellow thespians and the audiences who support the work. We especially evolve when working and connecting as a community, and as we grow and learn together we seek new opportunities that will challenge and enlighten us.

For this reason, Odeum Theatre is excited to expand on it's already critically-acclaimed body of work, continuing to produce top-notch new works and expanding to include classics, musicals, and education. The decision comes from the long-standing desire to continue to develop as a long-term, sustainable theatre that fully embodies the essence of the "Odeum." In ancient Greece, an Odeum was a theatre where citizens would gather to see performances of music, poetry, and oratory. The Odeum was known as a place of enlightenment, learning and entertainment.

Tulsa's Odeum Theatre seeks to bring those important qualities to theatrical productions in our community. These productions unite Tulsa-area performers and volunteers from all backgrounds, ages and levels experience together on stage to learn and grow in the human experience through the art of theatre.

Looking forward to 2012-2013, Odeum is excited to offer opportunities in a variety of genres for people of all ages, bringing that music, poetry, and wonderful theatre to the Tulsa stage.


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  GOD OF CARNAGE by Yasmina Reza:

God of Carnage 2015 poster


Hamlet Poster Snip

  HAMLET by William Shakespeare:

Liddy Doenges Theatre at the Tulsa PAC
October 26, 2012
8 pm

showtimes: Adult cast | Youth cast

Revenge, murder, incest, madness, jealousy, rage, loyalty, grief, and furious vengeance all come hurtling to the stage in one of Shakespeare's most engaging, potent, and influential plays. The most popular of his lifetime, Shakespeare's HAMLET is arguably his most popular play today. Join Odeum Theatre Company, in collaboration with Theatre Tulsa, on a journey through this classic tragedy.

HAMLET is directed by Whitson Hanna, and features Will Carpenter, Derek Snow, Samantha Woodruff, Andy Axewell, Dale Sams, Ione Blocker, and David A. Lawrence.

Read the Tulsa World review by James Watts Jr.

Tickets available from Theatre Tulsa or MyTicketOffice.com








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